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Protecting Your Future

The right insurance plan can make the difference to your success as a racing organization. Karting is America's largest motorsport. No, we don't have 150,000 spectators in the grandstands, but we do have up 1000 racers at each event and many more in the pits. How do you, as a track, owner, club president, or manger, protect yourself and all these people and drivers? You need an easy to maintain, comprehensive, and affordable insurance package.


TAG has just the package you’re looking for.

Underwritten by one of the world’s largest motorsport insurance companies.


  • Liability Coverage

    • Choice of liability limits.

      • $1 million - $3.15

      • $2 million - $3.75

      • $3 million - $4.50

      • $5 million - $5.00

  • Race Day Premises Coverage

  • Legal Liability  to Participants

  • Errors and Omissions

  • Volunteer Worker Coverage

  • Professional Medical Coverage

  • Official Vehicle Damage Legal Liability


    • With Disappearing Deductible

  • Wristbands included

    • Multiday Pass Available

  • Participant Accident Insurance

    • Excess Medical $25,000

    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment $15,000

  • All easy to understand forms included

    • Insurance Waivers

    • Minor's Releases

    • Simplified Instruction Sheet.


Small Vehicle Description:

Our policy covers the following race vehicles, Go-karts, Cage go- karts, micro sprints, Mini sprints, Lawn mower racing, Bandaleros, Legends, Mini cup cars, Dwarf cars, Jr. Sprints. Motards, Pocket bikes and Motorcycles Add $1.00 per Pit pass. Yard Karts are not covered under our insurance policy.


Yard Karts are not covered under our insurance policy.

Protecting Your Future for more information call:

TAG Racing International, Inc

PO Box 759

Antioch, IL 60002

847-395-1124 office

847-395-1100 direct

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Track Insurance for Participant


Participant Accident Coverage Protects the Racers


Participant Accident Coverage​


Ambulance Coverage


  • Included in all packages

  • With Disappearing Deductible



Dave Larson

Tel: 847-395-1100

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